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Testing a business idea? Do it with a PoC to reduce risks

In the last few decades we have seen that coming up with innovative, and brilliant ideas for the next best solution is what is driving the startup sector. It doesn't matter what stage the startup is at, one thing that cannot be missed is overlooking critical aspects...

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2021 in Review - Top 5 most read blogs

2021 was year where technology was in works under full throttle. With on-going pandemic, it was technology only that kept us together. Businesses and startups not only took their business online but also banked on various opportunities that came to light due to the...

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Akeo continues to grow despite the pandemic

Akeo has experienced growth during the corona pandemic. Even after a tough period in the first half of 2020, the company currently is excelling as a technical partner for both startups and scaleups.

“We think this is because we have been brave and taken many...

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How to validate the business idea for your startup?

Amongst a few of the major reason that cause a business to fail are lack of money and the inability to develop the idea. However, what many entrepreneurs do not know that the main cause of failure is not validating the business idea.

Because of their extremely...

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How to create a Persona and an End User for Your Startup

Defining the potential user/s of their products for startup owners doesn’t seem to be a difficult part. The difficult part to identify the persona of the users and then sticking to them. How many times it happens that startups define users in broader perspective and...

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How to build solid relationships with your customers

At first, one may believe that Customer Service and Customer Relations are synonymous. However, there is a very distinct difference between the two. Customer Service is more of an inbound function which a customer expects before or after making a product purchase. On...

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Why a website is necessary for every startup and business

This is 2021, and we believe every business knows the importance of having an online presence in the form of a website. Irrespective of the industry that the business is in, a website can greatly affect its success.

For a startup, a website establishes trust for...

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How to stay on top of emerging technology trends

Things move fast in this technology-driven world. Talk about emerging technology trends - blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), virtual reality (VR) - everything is changing quicker than ever. Every day is a new day in technology...

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Cost to Develop an App: Native v/s Hybrid

Whether it’s a startup or an established business, the question of how much it would cost to develop an application is a tricky one. To draw an exact estimation is definitely not that simple, but rough estimations can be drawn on the basis of app functionality,...

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