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Mobile Money in Africa

Mobile money in Africa - Transforming businesses and households

The story of mobile money in Africa started in the year 2007 when Safaricom launched its M-PESA service. It introduced a faster and safer way to send money home without having to travel long distances with cash. It also unlocked the world of financial services for the...

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Web development for startup

Web development for startups: All you need to know

We all know how critical ‘websites’ and ‘web apps’ have become for a startup. It is amongst the very first things, which customers land on while interacting with a startup business. But, what we forget to discuss is how complex and time-consuming it can be to get a web...

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Bruk tilskuddet fra Innovasjon Norge der det skaper mest verdi


Som en ambisiøs gründer har du en idé og innsikt som kan forbedre et produkt eller et marked. Du sitter på kunnskapen om hva som skal gjøres, men du kan kanskje trenge hjelp til å bringe ideen din ut i markedet. 

Finansiering er et av de sentrale aspektene for...

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Technology partner for startups

How to choose a tech partner for your startup

Adopting new technologies in this rapidly changing world can be tough. Whether you are at an early stage or looking to update your service, finding the right technology partner can help your startup gain more flexibility, relevance, and competitiveness in the market.


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5 steps to effectively write a proof of concept

The PoC process has five basic steps that project teams can follow, from developing the idea to firming it up and presenting it to the investors.

Step 1: Demonstrate the need for the product

When presenting their PoC, project leaders must establish the need for the...

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Testing a business idea? Do it with a PoC to reduce risks

In the last few decades we have seen that coming up with innovative, and brilliant ideas for the next best solution is what is driving the startup sector. It doesn't matter what stage the startup is at, one thing that cannot be missed is overlooking critical aspects...

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2021 in Review - Top 5 most read blogs

2021 was year where technology was in works under full throttle. With on-going pandemic, it was technology only that kept us together. Businesses and startups not only took their business online but also banked on various opportunities that came to light due to the...

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How to validate the business idea for your startup?

Amongst a few of the major reason that cause a business to fail are lack of money and the inability to develop the idea. However, what many entrepreneurs do not know that the main cause of failure is not validating the business idea.

Because of their extremely...

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How to create a Persona and an End User for Your Startup

Defining the potential user/s of their products for startup owners doesn’t seem to be a difficult part. The difficult part to identify the persona of the users and then sticking to them. How many times it happens that startups define users in broader perspective and...

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